Frequently Asked Questions

  • Fretgroove is a unique system created exclusively by Marco Bass Guitars. Fretgroove is, in simple terms, a hybrid fretted/fretless fingerboard. The bass’ traditional frets are replaced with sunken channels or grooves that give the instrument the feel and tone of a fretless bass but with the precision of a fretted fingerboard. When you play inside the grooves you have the fretted precision and when you play between the grooves you have the fretless sound. It’s a revolutionary idea that brings the best of both worlds in a single instrument. Matched with Marco’s custom hand wound pickups, the Fretgroove bass goes beyond the fretted/fretless bass medium and creates a unique and artistically expressive instrument, with sounds ranging from mellow and woodsy to bright and growing tones, full of presence and depth.

  • All Marco Bass Guitars are available in 4, 5 and 6 string, with Fretted, Fretless and Fretgroove necks. Do you have another idea in mind? Do not hesitate to contact us!