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Meet Marco Cortes: World Class Luthier

From his humble beginnings in Brazil carving bass bodies using broken coke bottles (the only tool he had available) to his time heading repairs for a large Japanese guitar factory, Marco Cortes has developed his unique take on building guitars and basses that sound as incredible as they feel.
“Many factories can build a comfortable instrument. I want my guitars to go beyond comfort. I want them to feel right in your hands. I want them to be an extension of you, to anticipate your touch and your movement. No machine can possibly understand the relationship between artist and tool” says Marco, who as a player himself, knows exactly how an instrument should feel and respond.
Marco’s human touch also applies to his unique hand-wound pickups that deliver the response of active pickups with the soulful, natural sound of passive.
You can experience Marco’s craftsmanship at a dealer near you or contact us directly for more information.