Marco Cortes

Marco Cortes is a bass player and a highly skilled luthier who started his career in Brazil. In his factory in Brazil, he produced a variety of stringed instruments from electric and acoustic guitars to electric basses, mandolins, mini guitars, etc. He also had the opportunity to work in a guitar factory in Japan which gave him a new perspective in excellent finishing work, besides the enrichment of knowing a new culture. Marco also builds his own pickups which have a very distinctive sound and quality. His instruments are built with the finest woods and they reflect his intense creativity and futuristic vision to always excel and improve in his work.

Wood, art and technology

Marco instruments are truly works of art. Each Marco bass is unique and is born from a selection of top-quality woods, which in turn inspire Marco to combine them in ways that can only be considered as art, and is then endowed with state-of-the-art components specially tailored by Marco for the instrument that is being built and for the player that will enjoy it. The result of this human-intensive process is instruments that achieve optimal levels of both form and function. Marco’s creativity does not stop in the craftsmanship of the instrument wooden parts. A good luthier should be much more than a good carpenter. Marco is a good example is this because he has a profound knowledge of all components of an instrument and has developed innovations in most of them, such as the patented fretgroove technology or his famous hand-wound and individually-adjusted pickups. These innovations set his instruments apart from competitors that are mostly high-level woodworkers, and as such may do a nice job in building the wooden components, but then install standard off-the-shelf pickups in their instruments making them hard to distinguish when it comes to sound. The components (wood and otherwise) in each Marco Bass Guitars are designed, built and adjusted specifically for that instrument. To learn more about the technology behind these amazing instruments, please visit our technology page.